Family Life Program

Our residential program is designed to challenge and empower women to overcome hardships and to grow. Bethlehem House staff provide daily mentoring. Important conversations and topics addressed, include: healthy choices and relationships; educational and personal counseling; nutritional, parenting and life skills classes; natural family planning; financial literacy; healthcare; adoption; stress management; spiritual guidance and prayer formation.


Bethlehem House values education and understands how important having an education is to achieving individual and family self-sufficiency. Residents are required to complete a GED. If a GED has already been attained, opportunities for continued education are discussed.

If a resident is not in school, she is required to obtain a job. In addition to education and work, each resident is asked to complete volunteer hours outside of the house and to participate in a variety of classes provided by community partners at Bethlehem House. Approximately ten classes are facilitated by our partners each month.


Upon moving into our home, residents work diligently on a family life plan. Several areas are addressed in a family life plan that work to empower and prepare residents to make the transition out of Bethlehem House approximately 15 weeks after baby is born. Goals within a family life plan reflect the hopes and vision residents have for themselves and their children.

Key areas addressed in each family life plan include obtaining permanent and affordable housing, addressing educational needs, obtaining proper identification, attending counseling, attending support groups, finishing outpatient recovery (if needed), creating a financial budget, opening a bank account, ensuring all healthcare appointments are being made, participating in mentoring, completing weekly chores and complying with house policies.


Our faith guides us in serving the needs of women and children. Bethlehem House facilitates several spiritual and faith formation activities to give residents the opportunity to grow spiritually, and to engage in a faith community of their choice. Residents are not required to be Catholic to live at Bethlehem House, nor are they required to attend weekly Mass in our Chapel.

What happens when a mother and child leave Bethlehem House?